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Bethlehem, PA




3,000 SF



Located in historic Bethlehem, this project is a renovation of a late 19th-century brick house. The design focuses on creating a layout that suits open-plan living while celebrating the historic character of the home. A modern space for cooking and dining was imagined by creating a large opening in a masonry wall. To provide support, a new steel beam was designed to pocket into the existing brick wall. The structural components, both old and new, remain exposed as part of the design. On the second floor, the layout was re-organized to create a master suite. A new shared bathroom was designed to adjoin two guest bedrooms. Previously used for storage, the third floor was renovated to expand the living space of the home. Improvements included conditioning the floor, adding a bathroom, and designing a home office/studio. The rear yard was wholly re-imagined as a multi-functional space for storage and entertainment.


A new fence and plantings provide privacy, while a salvaged brick walkway leads up to the house. Together, the landscaping and terraced levels provide distinction and separation between spaces for gathering and utility. 

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