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Los Angeles, CA




3,700 SF



Located in Hollywood Hills, this project expands outdoor living space through a series of interventions that include a new pool, outbuildings, lounge, and dining areas. At the front of the house, a private patio garden was designed to serve as an extension of the interior living room. The wood fence and vegetation are layered to provide privacy from the street without restricting access to light from both the garden and interior of the home. The fence and plantings also help to redefine a new entry path to the front door, providing security and privacy. Two small structures in the back offer a retreat from the main house. At one end, a compact office with a millwork desk and storage looks over the pool. The roof of the office may be accessed from an external ladder and serves as a platform for jumping into the pool.


Off the opposite side of the pool, the second unit houses a treadmill and additional storage. Toward the rear of the space, steps lead up to a grassy terrace where seating is organized around a linear fireplace. The edge of the lawn is defined by steep topography and lush foliage, keeping the yard hidden from view.

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