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Greenwich, CT




8,000 SF



A New York City based financial partnership took the opportunity of the COVID-19 health crisis to relocate their offices from NoHo to Greenwich, CT. This move would allow them to be closer to home, enjoy a larger office space, and tap into a local talent pool that their organization requires.

Studio Superette envisioned the interiors and a new outdoor space for the 7,000 square foot office, acting as architect and project manager to deliver a turnkey renovation in 11 months from the initial sketch. The design offers an unparalleled level of comfort and quality. Generous work areas are adapted to the quiet, focused work required by the team’s highly skilled employees. A bespoke storefront system from Italy encloses the company’s five private offices, with rounded corners at two conference rooms flanking the entry to signal an arrival for guests.

The employees enjoy luxurious amenities, such as a generously sized lounge that opens onto a new wraparound terrace facing Greenwich Avenue. Inside, there is a library, a dedicated coding room for two engineers to collaborate, a music rehearsal room, and a full-featured gym.

A high level of care was taken to ensure that the offices would be acoustically optimized while avoiding some of the typical commercial design solutions that are seen in most office spaces. Rather than installing acoustical panels onto an open deck, perforated drywall ceilings are strategically located above focus areas to dampen sound. Instead of placing distracting acoustic paneling on walls, hanging drapery mounted to a concealed curtain track does double duty on acoustical and visual privacy.

Every design decision in the space was taken to ensure that this office would have a comfortable feeling, more akin to a high-end residence than to an office. The technical detailing reinforces this premise to deliver an upscale, minimalist experience to this dynamic company.

© Naho Kubota

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