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Brooklyn, NY




120 SF



Formerly used as an industrial building, the downtown Brooklyn Ex-Lax factory is now filled with some of Brooklyn’s most desirable apartments. One of the building’s strongest features is its soaring concrete structure, that helps the apartments within feel bright and spacious. 

Our clients, a young couple with plans to start a family, wanted to make better use of an oversized storage closet in their open-concept kitchen, living and dining room. The renovation transforms their two-bed one bath apartment into a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home. 

The new layout of the space converts the main bathroom into a private suite for the owners, while a new bathroom is accessible from the hallway. The renovation also adds functionality and value to their home by including a washer and dryer within the new bathroom. 

As their family grows, the owners intend to create a lofted play space above the bathrooms, taking full advantage of their unit’s high ceilings. Studio Superette future-proofed this area by making sure the structure here was oversized to support the weight of kids and adults playing upstairs. 
With careful planning and pragmatic decision-making, this apartment was converted from a quirky one-bedroom to a family home that can grow and adapt to its residents’ uses. 

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