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Greenwich, CT




17,000 SF



This family estate in Greenwich, CT is the result of a close collaboration between Studio Superette and an exceptional client with a clear and ambitious vision for a home destined to be passed down through generations.

The design straddles the line between the historical context of many of the surrounding homes in Greenwich and the client’s taste for minimalist, contemporary design. From certain approaches, the form of the home pays respect to the gabled buildings that surround it, many of which used to be agrarian buildings.

From inside, the soaring ceilings of the great room show off the structural prowess of the composite structure that forms the main volume of the house. With careful planning, the upper portion of the home is made to appear to float above the ground, disconnected from the ground floor, which is left open to the surrounding views of the rolling hills of upcountry Greenwich.

The layout of the home is meant to accommodate a range of scenarios and uses. It has been carefully thought out to be able to host parties of over 200 guests, intimate family dinners, and professional meetings. It’s layout provides room for a young family to grow, and will be able to host extended family as their needs change throughout the years.

The project includes a pool, tennis court, and guest house which can be used independently by visitors for more privacy during extended stays. Despite the impressive scale of the property, careful consideration was taken to give each space correct proportions that would feel grand, without being overwhelming.

The project is currently under construction, and completion is expected in 2024.

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